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We made the 14 miles to Los Arcos today as we entered wine and olive country. I am amazed at the vastness of the fields(any Georgia peanut farmer would be jealous!) but for most of the pilgrims it got boring after a while.
Los Arcos is a small town hidden in a valley. Needless to say we were so happy to see this little jewel as we rounded a bend after seeing nothing but open fields and vineyards for almost 10 miles. We found a place to stay, had a great meal of paella and wild mushroom risotto, and spent 21/2 hours visiting with our new friend Winnie who we had shared a room with several nights ago. Winnie is on a quest to determine if God is calling her to be a nun. It was a blessing to share our call to ministry and some of our thoughts on allowing God to speak his desire for our lives in the stillness of our walk.

Remember that scripture “…be still and know that I am God.”? It does apply to all of us whether searching for a call to ministry or searching for God’s will each day of our lives.

May we each learn to be still and listen!

Pastor John

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  1. Merrill Beattie

    Your stroll sounds like great fun. You never know who God will place in your path. Your missed, but were happy that you are getting so much out of what your doing.

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