New Pentecost United Methodist Church

Picture Update!

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11 thoughts on “Picture Update!

  1. Eddie Mays

    I hope ya’ll are having a great time. Be careful and be safe. Know that we are all praying for you both. Hurry up and come back, I can’t give the guest speakers a hard time like I can you.

  2. Larry Lyle

    I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing great! Downloading pictures now to share during Sunday Service. Hope you guys have a BLESSED week. Be praying for you guys!!

  3. Jack and Patricia Payne

    We are enjoying the pictures and can’t wait to hear the stories to go with them. Youth did great today. Does the heart good to see them involved. We love you.

  4. Wendy & Mason

    These pictures are awesome. They are telling a wonderful story of your trip. Your smiles are also giving away the adventure & memories you both are creating. Keep sharing, safe travels, & God Bless.
    The youth did church today & it was wonderful too see their love for our Lord shine. May I suggest each month with ( weeks that one could be theirs? What a wonderful way to bless their faith journeys.

  5. Kathi & Hutch

    Ditto on Dena’s request on not shaving the beard!! Lol. Glad you’re having a good beautiful trip. Miss you both!!! Be safe & enjoy!!

  6. Mike & Patsy Wall

    We are enjoying your journey through your post and pictures. Know that you carry a little of all of us with you. You, Linda and Cathy are in our prayer for a safe and meaningful journey, We miss your smiling faces!

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