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For a number of days we have been on the meseta which is like south Georgia and west Texas on steroids.  As strange as it may seem, Linda and I both loved the wonderful expanse and the peaceful quiet of this part of Spain.  It was crazy seeing pilgrims stretched across miles of land with no house or town in sight.
One of the funny things about the Camino is that each of us have met folks along the way who just sort of disappear one day without notice.  Some quit because of injury, others take a rest day, while others walk quickly over the horizon as though they were running a marathon.  BUT- in the last two days we have met up with our special friend Winnie(see earlier post) and Voelker who we met on our first day on the Camino.  Linda and I had just talked about them both as we spoke about people that we have met and had made a connection with.  GOD WAS AFFIRMING THOSE HE HAS PUT IN OUR LIVES.
Perhaps all of us should be aware of those special relationships that he provides for us.  You never know when a long lost friend will pop back into your life needing affirmation.

MORE THAN HALF WAY AND ON TO SANTIAGO.  ONLY 180 miles to go!!  Keep praying!
Pastor John

p.s.  Great job youth!!!  Can’t wait to hug each one of you.

4 thoughts on “MORE THAN HALF WAY!

  1. Bonnie

    Wonderful news, and I’m sure you are both pleased with your progress. Keep it up and above all enjoy. It sure will be good to see you both again and have you return safely to us. God Speed. Love ya.

  2. Susan

    We are enjoying your posts so much, and the pics! I love how y’all are relating your walk to lessons from which we can all learn. It reminds me of Linda’s children’s moments. Some days we (I) get so wrapped up in the many different things we have going on that we don’t always realize what God is putting in front of us. Thanks for reminding us! Take care! Love & Prayers! Susan

  3. Mike & Patsy

    Loved the pictures and you blog messages, can’t wait to hear of these experiences first hand. We really miss you guys, however all is well here, you left us in good hands. God’s got this, still praying!🙏

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