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Homo antecessor

What an interesting part of the world.  We walked yesterday through a very rocky and frequently hilly stretch.  It reminded me a lot of the Texas hill country with scrub oaks, more rocks than one can count, and fossils dating back 1.3 million years.  And not just any fossils!  We were in the middle of the most complete humanoid fossil discovery in Europe with 28 skulls from 500,000 – 1.3 million years old.  Today we visited the Museum of Human Evolution to see the result of this ongoing study.  Fascinating!  Although the emphasis was on the evolution of humans, I left the museum convinced that the God of creation continues to reveal himself in all the amazing discoveries made by man.
We also spent part of the day visiting one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe.  We will have to share photos when we return cause this place is humongous!!!
I think we are all a little homesick today.  Tomorrow We begin a long stretch of hot, dry days with little shade and towns far apart .  Keep us in your prayers as we will keep you all in ours.
Pastor John

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  1. Amanda

    We can’t wait to talk about everything you have seen when you get back! We miss you guys and pray for you guys each day. Keep it up! You are doing awesome, I am sure of it.

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