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Almost to the meseta

We have made it almost 150 miles and will enter the area known as the meseta soon.  The vistas are changing from mountains, to vineyards, and today to miles of plowed fields where they grow wheat, corn and potatoes.  The towns are becoming farther apart and the path today was near a major highway.  The big test here is to keep going despite the monotony.  This is the area where we must turn more inward.  Many past pilgrims say that this is the most difficult part of the Camino.  At least we can look forward to visiting a larger city (Burgos) before we start the long days on the meseta(15-20 miles/ day.) We are getting physically stronger every day.  I just wish we could get a couple of small blisters to heal.  Time will tell.
Our prayers are that all is well back home.  I’d love to hear how great a job our youth do this Sunday.
I’ve taken about 1100 pictures so far.  GET READY FOR A SHOWING!
Pastor John

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