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100 down, 390 to go!

We arrived in Logrono(pronounced Lo-gro-nyo) late afternoon yesterday after 18 miles of walking.  After 8 days of walking we have gone about 100 miles.  WOOHOO!!! only 390 to go.
I have got to say that the cumulative effect of varied terrain, different weather conditions, beds that are not our own, etc. is showing today.  Yet, as I hear the church bells chime the time (it does that in every size town) I look forward to the adventures of another day.

We are taking our time and resting some.  God’s special blessing is the time we get to rest.

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5 thoughts on “100 down, 390 to go!

  1. Bonnie

    Got home late yesterday from Hawaii. Been thinking of you and offering prayers everyday, but it seems it’s at the end of your day when this happens. What an awesome adventure for you and a truly life changing event. Wish I could join you. Be safe and above all enjoy EVERYTHING

  2. Kay

    Everything looks so beautiful. Prayers are with you. Everyone here is good. Igot back to church Sunday for 1st time, still on walker, only one more week! Love ya’ll Kay

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